Select Care Service

At NurseNextYou, we understand that every individual’s needs are unique and that care requirements can vary greatly. That is why we offer an extensive range of Care Services to cater to your distinct needs.

Post-Operative and Continuity Care

At NurseNextYou, we provide comprehensive post-operative and continuity care, ensuring seamless transition from hospital to home. Our team caters to a patient’s medical needs, recovery progress monitoring, and daily living support to promote a full and faster recovery.

Dressing and Wound Care

With our Dressing and Wound Care service, expect meticulous, professional, and caring treatment for various wounds. Our skilled nurses ensure proper wound cleaning, appropriate dressing, and continuous monitoring to enhance the healing process.

Medevac / Medical Escort

Our Medical Escort Service ensures stress-free transportation and support for patients during medical appointments or facility transfers. Our trained professionals provide constant medical support, working diligently to guarantee a smooth, safe journey.

Ryle’s Tube / Catheter Tube Changing

Entrust the complex and sensitive task of replacing Ryle’s or catheter tubes to our trained professionals. Our team ensures proper insertion, replacement, and maintenance of these medical tubes, prioritizing patient safety and comfort.


NurseNextYou provides accurate and safe injection service for any prescribed medication, ensuring strict adherence to doctor’s instructions and maintaining stringent standards for patient comfort and safety.

Private Nurse / Caregiver (Hospital / Home)

Our private nursing and caregiving service offers personalized, professional care to patients either at the hospital or in the comfort of their homes, providing medical support, facilitating daily living activities, and promoting overall wellness.